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I remember awakening with a smile of happy anticipation, this was a very special day. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window, it was a beautiful day and from the kitchen radio strange but happy lilting music came forth. I rushed through the apartment to the kitchen and greeted my parents, my sister Betty, and my brother Johnny. On top of the ice box was a big white cardboard box, I knew instinctively that it somehow was an essential part of the events of the day.

The radio announcer s poke about a green line down Fifth Avenue, and stated the parade would begin at twelve noon. The day was March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, and my birthday. My dear, wonderful Mother informed me that there was going to be a parade for Saint Patrick and me, we were both very special people. I also was going to have a birthday party, wear a pretty green dress, and have a large green birthday cake. It was a lovely party, enjoyed and shared with several other neighborhood children.

Approximately a year later my Mother rushed me to the family Doctor. I lacked the ability to retain any food given to me, I was losing weight and she was greatly concerned. After the examination which ascertained that I was physically ,,,ell, the Doctor asked my Mother a strange question, "Do you have a new baby at hone?" her reply was, "yes". (My dear sister Ernestine had been born just the month before this). The Doctor then turned and asked me to make him a promise, one, that I would help my Mother with the ne,,, baby because she really needed my help badly, two, eat and retain all my meals and when I returned here in two weeks time he would give me a nickle.

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