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I joined junior Recruit Officers Training Core while I was in high school. I was promoted to the rank of first LT. During my three years in junior ROTC I received an outstanding woman certificate and a medal for Academic Achievement. After my high school graduation I attended Central YMCA junior college. There I received an associates degree in Liberal Arts Education in June 23 1979. In December 30th 1979 I went into the Navy Delayed Entry program and that following summer of July 25th 1980 I was inducted into the Navy. I did my military training in Orlando Florida. Upon my completion I advanced to the rank of seaman. I attended my training in communications specialist (Radioman E-3) at the Naval Training Center in San Diego California. After all that I was stationed in Nea Markri Greece (the six fleet) where I worked in the communications department. While I was living abroad I met my husband and conceived my son Desmond Erskine Bailey. After all is said and done I can truly say that my life’s journey has been incredible and informative because of the people’s I met and the things that I have learned throughout my 63 years of my life.

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