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(In Her Words)



I joined the Army early on during the Korean Conflict. I was experiencing financial difficulties at Eastern Michigan University , the Army was in need of recuits, the Army was recently desegregated being an adventurous soul, I decided to become a WAC.


Basic Training was completed at then Camp Lee, Now Fort Lee. After Basic Training she was sent to The 2nd Infantry Division at Fort Lewis in Washington State, Northwest region near Canada. The Units Insignia /patch were an Indian head.

The Unit was shipped into combat to Korea. Lorraine was sent to Japan with an Engineers Div. Day to day she was a Property Clerk, yet every solider at her station were always on high alert for incoming wounded. Everyone was sent to the Hospital to care for and process the wounded and dead incoming from Korea reroute to USA. Lorraine had a rather unique experience in that many of the wounded and dead were friends and acquaintances. She had trained with the 2nd Infantry Division, which sustained more casualties than any other Division during the Korean Conflict. There were a variety of injuries, yet the memory of Phosphorus burns and severe frost bite sends a shutter still. After all this emotional draining work, everyone had to report to their regular assignments at 0 dark thirty.

My military Experience has made a lot of the difference in my life. Met wonderful people, made life long friends, some of whom we see each other as often as possible up to now. The GI Bill provided me funding to complete a Masters Degree in International Education from Eastern Michigan University. Am a Founding member of National Association of Black Military Women Presently Chairlady of the North East Region of NABMW and a Life Member. Member of WISMA, 555 Paratrooper Infantry DIV (Triple Nickels), and The 369th Veterans ASSN..


My bucket List:

  • Make a parachute jump.

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