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BMWF Coin Final2.jpg

BMWF = Purple

To Tell HerStory = Purple

Book Binder = Purple

Purple = Joint Services

NABMW Logo = gold head and lettering

Page 1 edge = Blue-Air, Navy, Coast Guard

Page 2 edge = Mustard or Brown-Marines

Page 3 edge = Green-Army

The Pen at the bottom of the book is to write the stories

The Back = To Tell Herstory And Tell It We Will

The Foundation was founded to actualize the goal of increasing individual and group knowledge and awareness of the contributions of Black Women and other Women of Color who have served and are currently serving in the military services of the United States.

The Foundation is the (book binding), the museum, complete with traveling artifacts, an auditorium and meeting rooms in which the (pages) Association, Chapters, Regions would hold their reunions, conventions, workshops, forums, etc., thus preserving and keeping alive the “HERSTORY” history of Black Military Women

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