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BG Rosetta Y. Burke

USANG, Retired

First, I thank the ladies, Hattie Harris (deceased), Lorraine West and Lucille Mays (deceased), who worked with me to create the Black Military Women Foundation, Incorporated, (BMWF) a not- for- profit 501(C)3 organization. Our purpose is to ensure the availability of historical information concerning black women and other women of color who have served and/or who are currently serving in the military services of the United States by sponsoring seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and other informational forums.

Second, I want to thank the current members of the Board, Doris “Lucki” Allen, Beverly Bailey, Angela Colley, Ernestine Faircloth, Blossom Ferguson, Debra Gomes, Dolores Hampton, Wendy McClinton, Doris Morgan, Bernice Simmons, Carol St. Pierre, and Lorraine West, who have conscientiously and diligently stuck with me to reach our achievements.

We have donated funds to cover the cost of the National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW) Reunion/Conference exhibitions, designed then donated the BMWF coins to the first 100 registrants at the 2016 NABMW Reunion/Conference and now we are upgrading and expanding our website.

The website is a way for us to let others know we exist. It gives us a method toward reaching the objective of keeping alive the history and heritage of black women and other women of color who have and/or who are currently serving in the military of the United States of America.

There are many documentaries, pictures, even plays which talk about the men in the military as well as the men who played a role in support of military. Little is known about Military women and/or the women in support of the military.

We are interested in increasing community and global awareness of the contributions made by Black Women and other Women of Color to the Military.

We invite you to come learn about us, and add your story.

BG Rosetta Y. Burke

USANG, Retired

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